Why Plywood?

Plywood is at the heart of everything i create. It is a highly versatile material with great strength properties and a clean modern aesthetic.

What is Plywood?

Plywood is made by layering and glueing thin wood fibre sheets together at 90º angles of each other to create a very strong and stable material. This method of ‘cross bonding’ eliminates shrinkage, warping and expansion and provides consistent strength throughout the sheet.

There are many types of plywood available, for many different applications. I primarily use either birch plywood or oak plywood for my furniture.

Birch Plywood
Birch plywood has a beautiful ‘pale’ colour . Birch plywood comes in many different ‘grades’ to suit a variety of applications. I only use the top grade plywood which has a uniform colour across the sheet and is free from knots and streaks to ensure a beautiful, consistent look to my furniture.

Sustainable Furniture
Birch is an abundant, fast growing species (roughly a third to half as long as an oak tree to reach maturity) which makes it a sustainable choice for furniture. The birch tree is primarily found in the forests of Canada, Russia and countries in Northern Europe such as Finland and Latvia.

The birch plywood i use is FSC certified. This requires 10 principles to be met including to Maintain, conserve and/or restore ecosystem services and environmental values of the Management Unit, and shall avoid, repair or mitigate negative environmental impacts.

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